Our Garden Needs Your Help This Summer!

Most of you are familiar with Project Oasis, which creates and maintains our beautiful school garden. Our children work hard to create and maintain flower beds, and they learn the joys of watching our plants grow and thrive under their care. Unfortunately, over the summer our garden will wither unless it has regular watering. That’s why each summer we ask families to pitch in by taking responsibility for watering during one week in either July or August.

All that’s involved is stopping by the school during your assigned week – usually only once, twice if it’s extremely hot – and giving all our garden beds their much-needed watering. It’s a great way to help the school even as you show your children the importance of ongoing care for living things.

The volunteer flyer is posted here: Project Oasis Watering Letter Please fill it out and return it to Kim D’Angelo if you can take a week over the summer – just let Kim know when you’re not available and she’ll find you an open slot. Please do consider helping out – we want our garden to be even more beautiful in September when the students return than it is now!


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