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The Last Update of the School Year

Dear Families,

We are headed for the finish line on the 2013-14 school year – another year gone by in the blink of an eye. Here are some final reminders for the week:

The final day of school for all students (yes, even our graduates!) is Thursday, June 26. That’s a half day, with noon dismissal.

Fifth graders (aka grads) will be treated to a pizza party for lunch on Wednesday, followed by the distribution of the yearbook. Don’t miss Yearbook Day!

Teachers are getting the school supply lists for the 2014-15 year ready now, and they will be available soon on the web site. So when August comes around and you can’t find the list that came home in your child’s backpack, you’ll be able to find it online.

Finally, for parents of students in grades 3 through 5, state test results will be available later in the summer. You’ll need to log on to Aris ParentLink to see the results, so if you don’t have your Aris login info handy this is the week to get it from Mary Bow. Go to and make sure you can log in. If you can’t, contact Mary Bow this week for help.

Have a happy and healthy summer, and we’ll see you in the fall for another great year!

The PTA Executive Board

Fifth Grade News

Attention, fifth grade parents!

Important Dates Coming Up for Our Graduates

First is next Monday, May 12 – graduation photo day! There will be a group photo of the entire Class of 2014, with all our graduates in white tops and black bottoms.

Next, you’ve probably been hearing ALL ABOUT the annual trip to Club Getaway, which is May 21 and 22 this year. Your child brought home a packing list and permission slip today – please be sure to fill in the two pages of information and permission and send them in asap. As some of you may have heard, official photographer, zip-liner extraordinaire, and grad-wrangler Mary Bow cannot join the Club Getaway trip this year. (She actually loves her own daughter more than she loves us! The nerve!) If you are chaperoning the trip, we’re going to ask you to help us take photos so we can create a great section in the yearbook. Mrs. Latto will provide more information about Club Getaway in the half hour before the PTA meeting next week, so if you have questions or want the details, please come to school at 6:30 pm.

The 5th grade cruise is scheduled for June 4 – another big party day for our grads!

The big day, Graduation Day, is on June 20 at 9:30 am. The graduation committee has been hard at work for months planning a great finale to the PS41 experience, and it’s going to be a wonderful morning. Bring your hankies!

Contrary to what your graduate may tell you, Graduation Day is not the last day of school. Thursday, June 26, is the last day of the school year, so yes, there are a few school days after graduation. They will be fun days, and will include Yearbook Day, so be sure to let your child know that we’re on to them and that school does not end on Graduation Day!

Last Call for Yearbook Photos, Grades 1-4

Believe it or not, we are almost ready to close out the yearbook pages for grades K through 4. If you have any field trip photos, classroom or other candids, please send them to or send them in to school in your child’s backpack, addressed to Mary Bow. Be sure to put your name on any print you send in, so we can return it.

We also need the last of the baby photos — we’ll be contacting a few parents individually about the ones we’re missing at this point.

Fifth grade pages will be done last, but if you have any pictures of events so far this year, please also send them in.

The Yearbook Committee

Fifth Grade News

Dear Families,

This is a special message for the parents of fifth graders!

It’s a big week coming up, with the much-anticipated Ballroom Dancing recital on Thursday evening. I don’t know what’s going on in your homes, but there has been a LOT of dancing in mine lately! It’s extremely gratifying (not to mention cute) to see our youngsters waltzing and fox-trotting around the house. I know I can’t wait to see it on Thursday.

We’d like to be sure to have a gift ready for Ms. Aviva, the wonder woman who coaxed our kids into dancing. If you haven’t returned the envelope that went home in backpacks last week, please do so tomorrow if you can. This woman deserves it! If you can spare $5 as a thank-you gift, it will be much appreciated.

Also this week, we’re getting started on yearbook planning. Those of you who already volunteered to be on the yearbook committee, or those of you who would like to be on it, please email me at We need to set up our first meeting, and I have a couple of assignments that can be done remotely. When you email me, please let me know if any of these dates work for you for an in-person meeting:
- Sunday evening, Dec 15
- Monday evening, Dec 16
- Wednesday morning, Dec 18
We’ll find the date and time that works best for the greatest number – and remember, some of the tasks can be done remotely, so please don’t hesitate to volunteer even if you can’t make any of those possible meeting dates.

We are in search of great photos for the yearbook, so take a look in your personal archives to see if you have any you’d like to submit. We’re looking for all grades, all events – so if you have great shots of a field trip you chaperoned back in first grade, send it in! The only thing we ask is that it include several students – space is tight and it’s just more efficient to choose photos that show as many students as possible.

Finally, we need to round up those baby pictures! I know it seems early, but we need to reserve time later in the year to plan yearbook pages for events that actually come later in the year, like Club Getaway. We need a baby picture of each child who’s graduating – it can be any pose, any age up to a year old, and it can be electronic or print. Prints will be returned! (Be sure to put the child’s name on the back.)

For event photos AND baby pictures, send prints in to your class parent or email high-quality images to Mary Bow at Please be sure the images are clear and well-focused, and electronic images need to be large enough to print well (several hundred K at least).

See you at school,

Roseann Foley Henry

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