Gifted and Talented Program Update (Translations)

The latest information about the middle school Gifted and Talented Program is now available in translation. Please click below to get the Koreanor Chinese version.

A Message From Mrs. Latto About Internet Advertising

Dear Parents,

It has come to our attention that some of the free websites that are linked on Ms. Pulido’s web page contain pop-up advertisements that may possibly be inappropriate. This is not consistent for all Internet users.

In order to avoid this possibility you can put free parental control software on your computer which is also available on Ms. Pulido’s web page. This control will block out everything that might be inappropriate for children.

Her web page which contains recommended links for research can be found at:

Please note that whenever free sights are available which contain very valuable resources, advertisement is likely to occur.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 718-423-8333.


Sari Latto

Contributions for Ms. Niemis

Important News
As many of you may have heard, a member of the PS41 family suffered a heartbreaking loss last week. One of our new third-grade teachers, Ms. Niemis, lost her husband very suddenly, at age 37. The family has four young children, ages 18 months to 11 years. Class 3-104 is taking up a collection from her students as a gesture of support. Families with children in other classes have asked how they can help – if you’d like to contribute to the class collection, please put a cash contribution in an envelope addressed to Donna Evangelista, with your family name and your child’s name and class on the outside, and send it in with your child.

Some of the young couple’s friends have started a memorial fund to get the family through the difficult days ahead. If you would like to donate to the family that way, here’s the link:

Darin Finkelstein Family Memorial Fund

The family is well loved in their community, which has stepped up admirably to take care of meals for the coming weeks. A friend is coordinating the schedule through, and they are well covered for now. If you’d like to see the schedule or offer to participate in the future, you can see the meal calendar here:

Ms. Niemis’s class is being covered by excellent substitutes, including Mrs. Miller, so the students are in good hands during what is sure to be a confusing time for everyone. All of our hearts go out to this young family during this terrible time.

ELA and Math Test Results Now Available

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the NYS test scores, now’s the time to log in to see how your child did. Before you do, remember:

These are the first year’s results for the new tests, which are much harder than the previous tests. Scores are down overall, as expected, so don’t be alarmed if your child’s score is lower than last year’s. That is to be expected. PS41 performed extremely well compared with the rest of the city AND the state, so we are pleased that our school continues to be one of the best.

You need your child’s Student ID and a password for Aris ParentLink, and they are NOT the same as your log-in and password. If you didn’t get your log-in info from Mary Bow at the end of the school year, you can request it now (but remember that Mary is on vacation now, too, and may not be able to respond immediately).

Ready? OK, go:

New York State Test Results?

We’ve had lots of questions about when the state will post the test results from this past spring’s ELA, math, and science tests. You may have heard on the news this week that those results are being released to the schools this week — but they will not yet be available to parents. The Department of Education has published this official timeline, which suggests that results will be posted online in late August. Of course if we hear anything that suggests results will be available earlier, we’ll email all families.

Summer Update 2013

Hello, families! We’ve had some interesting developments over the summer, and as a result there are some changes coming for our web site and our email system. We’ve been working hard to make sure these changes are not terribly disruptive. Our goal remains keeping our families informed, engaged, and completely involved in our children’s education.

First: After five years providing schools with a community site and email services, SchoolHub has ceased operations. Our emails will now be sent from another email vendor. We hope you won’t even notice the difference! If you have any feedback on our new vendor, please let us know!

Second: You’ve probably noticed our site has a whole new look. That’s because our hosting provided tripled its prices, so we decided to move our site to a new host. While we were at it, we updated our look, streamlined our content, and by switching to WordPress we made the site easier to update for future parents who volunteer to take on the webmaster role. We welcome your feedback about our new look, so be sure to let us know if there’s anything from the old site that you’d like to see come back.

We will post an update as soon as we hear anything about the New York State test results. Do you have  your ARIS ParentLink login?

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