Who’s Who at PS41?

Whether you’re new to the school or have been around for years, you may still have questions about how our faculty, administrators, staff and families all work together. With so many new teachers joining PS41 this year, we also have some introductions to make!

First, meet the faculty and staff. We have some of the best teachers and leaders in the NYC school system, starting from our principal, Mr. Ferrara, and vice principal, Mrs. Galan. Click here for a complete list of our team: Our School’s Organization.

Next, the PTA and the School Leadership Team are where our education professionals and our families come together to focus on our children. The general membership of the PTA is all of us – if you have a child at PS41, teach at PS41, or are employed by PS41,  you’re a member. Collaboration and teamwork are what we’re all about – after all, we all have the same goal! The PTA has an elected board, chosen by the membership at the end of each school year for the following year. The PTA’s focus is on fund-raising, and we are proud of all the enrichment programs we are able to provide for our children. The PTA pays for our Theater Arts program; field trips; computer, art, and music supplies, and much more. We also provide untold hours of volunteer labor to organize and present so many of our fun events each year, from the Halloween party to International Night. We encourage all our families to get involved, volunteer, and attend our meetings and events. (Here’s a page about how to help.)

The School Leadership Team (SLT) has representatives from the faculty, leadership, and families. The mission of the SLT is to work on the school curriculum and other educational matters. Parent members of the SLT are elected each year at the same general membership meeting as the PTA Executive Board election.

Mary Bow is our Parent Coordinator, and in that role she wears about a thousand hats. Consider Mary to be the “311″ of PS41. If you have any questions at all — about the school, a field trip, the school calendar, even Ballroom Dancing — call Mary Bow!


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